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I say a happy birthday to shadowlink-san.


Total squeal Moment! *BABA TOORUUUUU*


I like...squealed!

When I read one of the translated blogs of Baba To-chan, I scrolled down to the comments...

Then I saw THIS:


It's good that Masa is friends with his family. He'll make a great uncle for the ba-ba-babies. XD


OMFG, total squeal momentttttttttt!!!! xD

I wish I was the mommy of the ba-ba-babies. XDDDDDDD
I love the sight of the baby Babas crawling on meh feet. Hahahaha. xD

Hey, I can dream, can't I?!



Surrounded with Strangers.

I'm a stranger.

Surrounded by dozens of RyoSaku fans is a difficult ordeal for me.

No matter how much I try to convince myself to admire this "tandem" again, I just can't.

I'm a loner.

I have different tastes.

They like this, they love that. And the matters I love are other than those.

I'm invisible.

While they squeal in delight of what they are witnessing, I sit on a dark corner, watching their merriment.

I'm trapped.

Even if I go to another country, loads of those RyoSaku fanatics will overlap me.

Am I destined to be different?

I'm an alien to them.

I go for rarities, and they go for the typical.

I find it hard to keep up... 

I am oblivious to what they see.

They see love in that couple, and I don't. I once saw their light and spark for a possible relation, but now that's just too far away.

Do I deserve to stay with them?

Here I go ranting on their passion, not concerned of what they feel. They must hide their true feelings with a fake smile.

Why can't they just tell me face to face?

I am a nobody.

Here I stand, with my eyes closed. Tangible to the surroundings.

I distance myself from the crowd, and this is what I get.

Why can' t I be Unique? 

I want to stand out, shout to the world of my unlikely passion. But there they go, happily talking.

Am I too weak?

I want to be strong. I graciously admire these unusual individuals. When I think about them, I want to shout it out to the world, make them known.

But when I face them myself, I become frail.

I may be a coward.

Maybe...the reason is...I'm not strong enough.

I'm overpowered.

They are all far from my reach.

I want them to hear me out...

Do I have to force myself to love those two together, even if I don't want to?

I'd rather do this, than part from them. I talk nonsense to them, while I clearly understand what they say. 

To join in with the crowd, is that really good?

Here I am, hiding my feelings with a plastic smile, as inside I'm breaking down.

How did I hate these two?

Why couldn't I love them longer?

Peer Pressure?

I am undergoing this.

I go with the flow, so that they can feast and adore.

They become stronger, I become weaker.

Will they ever see the scar inside me?



They're different.

They aren't like that.

They would never do that to me.

Why would they?

But, to all the things I've said and done, will they ever forgive me?

Strength...it's all I need.

I need the strength to move on...

But what is the strength?


I realized...they will never loathe me.

I will make it up to them, even if it means loving those two again...

I just hope my fellow Rikkai lover understands...

But I know she will...

Those 8 young men will always be number 1

Even if I have different friends, I will always love them...

Those eight men...

With yellow jerseys...they are oh-so important to me...

I will always follow them...


It would take a big challenge to them for me to love those nine "protagonists".

I have loved a part of them again, will I love the rest?


I won't think about it for now.

What I will think of, are the friends surrounding me, ready to give a hand.

I'll give them my hand...

I will love them...

I will cherish them to the end...

I will endure everything I despise for their happiness...

Seeing them smile brings joy to my heart...

They might love those two, but I want them to know that I will always support them. (:



Argh. I'm desperate.

I want the PureBOYS NowNowNow.

I may sound like an egotistical narcissist *cough*Atobe*cough*, but I will stop at nothing to persuade my mom to get on with my Passport and Visa! 

I'll have to study hard if I have tooo!!!!

*making a complete fool of herself*


Anyone kind enough to lend me a hand? 

If you'll have to need a new kidney....

I will personally look for a donator for you. :D


*gets shot*



I accidentally dropped meh phone!

Now galit na aunt ko!

Hindi ko naman sinasadya eh!


Dang, this is turning into my diary O_____O

Etou, when this reaches my mom's ears, I'm DED.

Utter BS, that's what I call my situation.

On the upside, meh grandma's gonna save meh from the Terror of Mommm!!!!!!

Yay for grandmaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

super Grandma


This just popped into my head.

In my story "Are We Ready?" [YagyuuSaku], it'll draw more attention if I made Echizen or Fuji the father.

But considering I hate them, naahh!

Plot Bunnieesss!!!

And dang eet, Plot Bunnies just seem to attack me.


Rant ends there for now.

I gotta get out from meh depression.

Anywhos, I just love it when they attack me. ^^

Depressed in Techno

Argh. I want to rant. NOWNOWNOW.


My Technology life is currently whacked. My celly's LCD just got broken, I can't open meh Internet Explorer and I only have 4 hours to use the comp!

Oh, the misery of teenage life!!!

Can't comment! DX

I can't comment, people! This account isn't verified.

So if you comment meh, don't expect me to comment right away.

Reason? Our Internet Explorer's whacked. Every attempt to open it will leave my slow comp lagging.

I know I sound mean, but this isn't just meh day.

But on the upside, at least I got to hear Ate Ayyah, Ate Kriselle, Sweetie, and Ate Ariane's voices!

Help! Eep!

Hey, argh. I'm new to LJ *no matter how many LJs I've used*.

I want heeellllp!

How do you like, place the quote thingy, like, when you view a profile, you see there's like a quote beside the userpic.

I know I sound low, but puh-leeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse help me how to do that!



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